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12 Types Of People You’ll Find In Every Hostel

When some people travel, their accommodation involves words like plush, champagne, spa, pamper, terrace, aroma, stunning, marble, spacious, and robe.

And then there’s you.

You’re the kind of person who ends up on a site like Wait But Why, and your travel is far shittier.

You may even be acquainted with the wide world of hostels, a world that embodies both the human race’s best qualities and its most annoying. A culture that manages to simultaneously be a liberal utopia of open-mindedness, acceptance, and diversity—and a factory of cringiness. If Gandhi mated with the douchiest guy you went to high school with, their offspring would be hostels.

Hostels are everything the world should be and everything the world shouldn’t be, all at once.

And while every hostel is unique, the crowd passing through tends to be more or less the same. We’ll scratch the surface today by breaking down 12 of the common characters:

1) The Guy Who Plays The Guitar In The Hostel

Defining Characteristics: Making serious facial expressions; Thrilled with self Length of Their Trip: 10 weeks

He had to find a place for it in the overhead bin on the plane, which wasn’t easy. He held it on his lap on the crowded bus. He carried it for a mile and a half from the bus station to the hostel.

But sitting there on the backrest of the couch, plucking those sweet strings, embodying literally the best aesthetic ever—it was all worth it for The Guy Who Plays The Guitar In The Hostel.

2) The 38-Year-Old Guy Who’s Pretending He’s 24

Defining Characteristics: Down to party; Wrinkles Length of Their Trip: 2 weeks

There are three kinds of guys you’ll find in hostels:

1) Dudes (age 19-32) 2) Men (age 33-70) 3) The 38-year-old who’s gonna just go ahead and pretend he’s still a dude and he’d really appreciate it if you would just roll with it and not say anything about it

Every hostel has one dude who’s a little too old to be acting like a dude. He knows he’s 38, you know he’s 38, and this is just kind of his move. He doesn’t really care what you think because he’s never gonna see you again anyway.

3) The Americans Who Are Kind of Acting Like It’s The First Day Of School

Defining Characteristics: Loud; Excited; Eager to say a lot of words to a lot of people about a lot of things Length of Their Trip: 8 days

You’ll know them when you see them. They’re young, wide-eyed, and they’re pretty sure this is everyone’s first backpacking trip, not just theirs. When they leave the hostel, they head to a restaurant to more>>

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