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Other Extras

​Our aim is not just to give you a bed to sleep and send you on your way, SP@Itaewon Guesthouse hopes to give you an experience you won't forget and hey it might even convince you to come back.


We chose to open in Itaewon for a reason, WE LOVE IT.

This area is diverse with a few classy bars as well as more relaxed pubs, with a variety of night clubs playing whatever you’re into. On the main road are the bigger clubs with loud music and larger crowds while if you check out the side streets you just might find the perfect place for a quiet drink and chat with friends.

Hongdae Nights


Home of the fine art oriented Hongik University, this area is famous for its artsy hang outs as designed by the students themselves. Being close to the university gives the area a strong youth culture meaning the crowds will be younger, the drinks cheaper, and there are plenty of nightclubs open til morning. Hongdae will not disappoint.

Gangnam Nights

One word : classy. Bring your best clothes, and a full wallet, this area is in the more affluent side of town and the clubs and bars reflect this. The cover charges might be high at some clubs but you will get a nights entertainment at the one venue. Any other questions? See the video

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