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Long term stay Seoul
Home far away from home

​If you are a Student, Intern, Mid-Long Term Holiday Goer, or English Teacher before or after commencing your contract, this is for you!

We offer you fully equiped rooms for stays over 1 month at discount rates, without the excessive upfront payments common to Seoul.


No need to sign up for longterm contracts, be hassled by bills, sign up for internet services or furnish your temporary apartment, everything is provided. We even have parking. Plus you will be living in the centre of the Seoul, 3 minutes from subway and bus, in the most eclectic foreign centred area of Seoul, Itaewon.



Previous guests` experience:

"Let me tell you what no one else did when I arrived in Korea for my year long exchange.​ I came one month in advance to find the right accommodation and set up my life before commencing my studies, plenty of time to find the right place to stay. What I didn’t know about was the kind of money required for a deposit on apartments here. Back home a deposit is usually 2-4 weeks worth of rent, but in Korea I was looking at figures sometimes larger than the amount I would be paying them in rent over the whole year. On the other hand the university offered a fair few places to stay which were cheap but came with their own problems too, such as curfews, poor locations or sometimes plain weird policies. Itaewon Yellow offers a cheap yet amazing environment with everything you need to start your Korean adventure."  – Long term GHOST

Our partners:

Itaewon Inn Hostel

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