If you are a Student, Intern, Mid-Long Term Holiday Goer, or English Teacher before or after commencing your contract, This Is For You!
We have 3 different set-ups for you to choose from but the idea is that nomatter which you choose you will have access to the same basic conditions

- The best location in Seoul: Itaewon is a center for foreigners meaning you can find most of those things you miss from home that might not be sold anywhere else, but besides this Itaewon happens to be right in the middle of the city meaning easy access to anywhere else via subways buses and taxis.

- No deposits, no yearly contracts, flat cost with no bills: for those staying less than a year in Korea, yearly contracts and deposits can be simply too much for most. We don’t have either.

- You will have a fully equipped home, i.e. we have a large kitchen, refrigeration, iron/ironing board, bed, linen, plates, cutlery, furniture, etc, everything you would otherwise have to purchase in a new apartment. When you add these costs to the deposit, getting an apartment in Korea can be a real drag.

- New family of friends: it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to know people when you are in a new country, we can guarantee every night there is something to do and someone to talk to so you never feel alone or bored, many of which are staying long-term like yourself. This is why the common area is so popular, and we’ve made it as comfortable as possible to make sure that there will always be someone there.

- A Korean Speaking Assistant all day: if you have never lived abroad then anyone who has can tell you that not knowing the language can leave you immobilized in what should be the easiest of situations. Alex our Korean staff member is available all day to help you with anything you might need, from ordering food through to booking your doctor appointment.

- Multicultural atmosphere: people from all over the world stay at our guesthouse, and so this can be a great place to practice any language you might use. This is particularly beneficial for Korean people wishing to practice their English, and likewise for those wishing to learn Korean we have many regular guests who are either learning it too, or are Korean themselves for you to practice with.

10,8 or 6 BED Dorm - ONLY 300 000 Won ($290)

This is the cheapest option but you still get everything above and you'll meet the most people. All rooms have AC and Wifi and of course you have access to the biggest and most important part of our hostel, the legendary common area.

- clean sheets

- clean towel

- kitchen use

- washing machine (charge 2000 won extra for dryer)

- private locker

and many other life necessities

Bunk Bed,Twin Room - 350 000 Won ($335)

A little more on the budget but you get more privacy sharing with just one other. If you can find a roommate you like, even better! 

- bunk bed, top or bottom

- desk

- ac

- clean sheets

- clean towels

- storage

- kitchen use

and many other life necessities

​Single Bed, Twin Room - 400 000 Won ($380)

The most comfortable option with extra room for yourself. You have a roommate with each of you getting your own single bed.

- Single bed

- desk

- ac

- clean sheets

- clean towels


and much more

"Let me tell you what no one else did when I arrived in Korea for my year long exchange.
I came one month in advance to find the right accommodation and set up my life before commencing my studies, plenty of time to find the right place to stay. What I didn’t know about was the kind of money required for a deposit on apartments here. Back home a deposit is usually 2-4 weeks worth of rent, but in Korea I was looking at figures sometimes larger than the amount I would be paying them in rent over the whole year. On the other hand the university offered a fair few places to stay which were cheap but came with their own problems too, such as curfews, poor locations or sometimes plain weird policies. Sp@Itaewon offers a cheap yet amazing environment with everything you need to start your Korean adventure."  – SP Ghost

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Tel: +82 2 749-4528

Address: Yongsan-gu Itaewon-dong 96-34,

Seoul, Korea, 04391


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