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​​Halal food, Vegetarian food, International cuisines, something for all palates

Come and breathe Itaewon. The restaurants, bars and clubs make Itaewon a nightlife centre in Seoul and SP@Itaewon Guesthouse is situated right in the middle of it. We offer a very relaxed environment with chilled common area and knowledgeable friendly staff which will allow you to meet new people and inform you of exactly where you need to go; your hub for heading into town.

Besides being situated in this party oriented area, Itaewon is also situated at the centre of Seoul itself, with all the tourist attractions easily accessible by subway and bus, just a short walk from the hostel.

Halal Food?

For followers of Islam the Seoul Central Mosque overlooks Itaewon, meanwhile you can find all kinds of food, upper class restaurants with Dubai, Pasha and Moghul flavours, as well as affordable and delicious kebab, falafel and other such shops in and around the nearby ‘Islamic Street’. All maintain Halal food status as endorsed by the mosque meaning you need not worry about finding meals.

You can always check our map for locations or ask our staff who are always happy to provide assistance.

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